Trying to conceive but getting bleeding I'm between periods

Hi everyone, I'm hoping for abit of reassurance/advice please. I'm 27 and was on the pill for 10+ years as I used to suffer with really heavy periods (never used to get spotting between periods though) so the doctor put me on the pill to help this. I started getting spotting between my periods a while back and the doctor thought it was due to my pill but she also swabbed me for infections and I had a smear test, both of which came back clear. I changed my pill and things seemed to settle down but I recently came off the pill (around 2 months ago) as my husband and I want to try for a baby. I had my usual withdrawal bleed, followed around a week later by what's seemed like a period but the blood was really dark. That lasted around 5 days, and then around 10 days after that finished I got what seemed like a normal period. Which finished on the 19th of November but today I've started bleeding quite heavily again. So all in all I've had 4 "periods" in the space of about 6 weeks. I'm seeing a lot of posts online about women not getting their period back for a while after stopping the pill but I can't find anything about the problem I seem to be having. I'll go and speak to my doctor about it but I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else? 


  • I was put on the pill for having periods every 10 days.... but haven't had that afterwards.... sorry not helpful but didn't want to read and run. Maybe go back to docs.... could be just your hormones trying to regulate xxx

  • Sorry, the title should say "bleeding inbetween" not "I'm between" I don't be know how to change it lol 

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