Argh faint lines!!

My hubby and I have been TTC since Feb this year and I have PCOS so each 2 week wait is a minefield of worry. 

Just this second got this result, very faint line but what so you think?? It's the 'best' faint line I've seen! 

AF is due today so thought bet to test. 

Other symptoms: feeling sick at smells, creamy/lotiony CM, 2 specs of blood 3 days ago. No boob pain and usually they are massive by now is AF is coming.  Hugely emotional. 

Any help guys?? 



  • Hiya hun! I can indeed see a line but it is very very faint so had to squint lol but there is a line there nontheless :) I'd test again and see if it's got a bit darker! I hope it is for you <3 xx

  • I also see the line as well as also having PCOS I'm wondering if it's common to test lightly because I've been getting lines like this image For over a week I'm going crazy 

  • Those hcg strips aren't very good... a lady on another thread is 6 weeks and still getting negatives on those strips.... try another one :)

    the top test can see a line, but t doesn't seem centred.... take another in a couple of days x

  • Thank you for your reply what brand do you suggest (what brand gives the boldest positive lines) 

  • If it's early it's best to use the first response tests x

  • Hiya! Just intrigued if you tested again?! 

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