Faint lines

Morning ladies !! Im Cd41.. Friday I tested and it was negative. I tested with FMU this morning as soon as I got up... and got a faint pink line on a FR! What do you think!? All opinions welcome !! TTC for 3 cycles x




  • Congratulations I definitely see two PINK lines there 💝

  • Looks positive to me! Congratulations!!! If you test again in 48 hours, that should be darker as well, if you are anything like me and want a nice dark test to confirm! My first was very light (on one of the internet cheapies!) :-) 


  • Haha yeah I will def be testing again in 48hrs!! Soooo impatient though! This is worse than the 2ww haha 

  • imageimage

    Hey don’t know if you will reply as this was a while ago I see but was you pregnant ? Im facing the same long drawn out wait to see if I’m pregnant with a very faint line 

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