Want to be pregnant!!!! need advise

Hello everybody, my name is Teresa and I want to share my tragedy. I have never write for such blogs. I feel like someone can help me. Few years ago, as usual I  came to my doctor, gynecologist. He made an examination because I felt not good. In fine he assigned an operation, so to say, to restore order in the tubes, there were knots and adhesions. There were few complications and the doctor had to cut 7 cm of one fallopian tube and ovary. The second tube was bandaged. So, I clearly understood that I’ve never be a mother and other stuff.

I am 49 and already don’t have an opportunity to give a birth to my full-blooded child.
Seeing my desperation, the doctor suggested me to try IVF but not with the help of my oocytes because I have a menopause and my ovaries don’t produce healthy eggs needed for fertilization. He advised me to find a donor who would give me healthy eggs for fertilization. But I still don’t know. My mind tells me that it is the right way, the real chance to feel the happiness of being mother but I do understand that something can go wrong. My husband really supports me, found a lot of information, clinics. We started to do first preparation for it, I mean, the material aspect, because it’s not a cheap pleasure. We want to found the cheap clinic and really good. Maybe it sounds unreal but I hope someone who had such problem can advise me one or someone has read about such procedure. I will appreciate your help and support. Thank you for listening.


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