Positive OPK...HELP!

Hello all....my positive opk changes each month - can vary by 4 days! Does anyone else have that?. I got a positive today  (Wednesday 30th) at noon. Was negative last night at 10pm. We are tracking closely as had 2 BFN so far. We had intercorse Sunday night, Monday night and this morning (wednesday) at 6am. Is it worth trying tonight and tomorrow? Don't fully understand how long your window is...worried we missed the window by not having sex last night.


  • They say it's best to do it every 2 days in the fertile window. Sperm live 3-5 days so it good to get some in there waiting.

    its completely normal to ovulate on different days.... in fact I haven't met anyone on these forums that ovulate the same day every month! Mine vary from 12-14 but have had a 10 and a 17 before!

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