Could I really be this lucky!?!

hey ladies!!imageimageimage

first time posting on here and I really need your help. 

I had my implant, implanon I think, on the 17th October I believe. But my cycle was completely messed up before then (see attached logs) so I've no idea when I was Oing so we thought we'd right off this first month. But for the past few weeks I have convinced myself I'm pregnant due to symptoms like nausea, increased sense of smell big time and some strange cramps / heavy feeling down stairs. BFN x 3 and then all of a sudden today I just went I'm going to do another one! See attached images could this really be a positive!?!?!? I was told when I was younger that I would probably never conceive and my hubby and I accepted that, sort of, but after we got married we decided to try and see how it goes, hense why my implant came out. 

This is is a very strange addition to this post but my dog keeps trying to nick my pants out of the washing basket instead of my socks all of a sudden did anyone else experience this??

thank you for your comments I'm driving myself nuts here!image

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