Advice Please!!

Can anybody help...

On the 5th October I found out I'd had a missed miscarriage, I was 11.5 weeks but baby had stopped growing at 8.5 weeks. I had the the tablets to bring on the miscarriage that day and a second lot a week later as had 'retained products', the nurse still wasn't happy with what was left after the second dose and I ended up having an ERPC on the 31st October. We kept monitoring pregancy tests afterwards as I was still getting positives and didn't have sex again until 2 weeks later when we had finally got a negative test.

Anyway, I'm testing positive again and really don't know if it's a new pregnancy or still picking up hormones from the last, I know it could've been a false negative that we got. The postive tests that I have been getting are pretty faint but I have been getting a little bit of brown discharge over the last couple of days. 

Has anyone gone through anything similar or can you give me any advice on it all. Many thanks x


  • I would have thought that once you received a negative test, that you would have had a bleed because of the hormones dropping down. 

    Are the tests you are using the now the same strength as last time? A FRES is most sensitive so if you are using those now then it may jut be picking up the lower levels..,

    also if you didn't get a neg test till mid November i wouldn't  have thought there would have been enough time to ovulate, fertilise and implant and hcg rise to pick up on a test, unless of you caught ovulation literally on that day. 

    After my MMC I had the ERPC and got my period bang on time 28 days later... I was 10 weeks but baby had died at 7

    the only way to know if it's a new pregnancy is to wait a couple of days and do another test to see if darker or get bloods done. 

  • Well I'm pretty sure that ovulated on the 14th November, but only because I had the egg white discharge (sorry tmi) and we'd had sex the day before that.

    The tests I use are only cheap ones that cost 99p for 2 so I don't know how good they'd be. Is it too early to pick up a new pregancy as it was only just over 2 weeks ago? Sorry, the baby I lost was my first pregnancy so I'm new to all this x

  • Yeah mine was too :( 

    if you ovulated on the 14th November then there is a massive chance you could be PG... and it would definitely be picked up now as you would be 16dpo... that's why it's called the two week wait.... generally it's 2 weeks from ovulation to period...

    i would be cautious though as if you were still getting positives on tests then you wouldn't have ovulated.... with hcg in the system, your body would still think it was PG and therefore wouldn't ovulate.... that's what I have been told / read anyway... 

    Brown discharge could be implantation which would suggest you ovulated later than you thought (sperm live 3-5 days) and it usually takes a few days for hcg to be picked up on there senstive tests.... which could be why they are so faint.... test again in a couple of days and see if the lines get darker 🙊

    How amazing for you if you are.... I have been trying again since mine in July... also my first - the one in the summer was unexpected but now desperately wanted. I am 9dpo so hoping period doesn't show.... have vowed not to test early this time round!!!! Costs a fortune!!!

  • Well I had my first faint positive last Friday which, if I was right would have been 11dpo. I tested 2 days ago and again today and they're still pretty faint which is making wonder if it's still from the last pregnancy. It's all so confusing.  I spoke to the EPU and they said that it sounded like a new pregnancy because I'd gotten a negative but maternity have said that it could've been a false negative x

  • If it's a new pregnancy the lines should be getting darker... the only way to tell is to get a blood test I guess or wait a week or so and test again. Since mine. My periods have literally just been spotting and only last a day. 

    this month is the first time I have proper ewcm for several days so hoping that my hormones have gotten back to normal now... 

    waiting till period is late before I test because I don't want to pick up what they call a chemical Pregnancy and deal with the heartache of that. I curse the invention of early tests! 

  • Yeah, I'll keep testing and see how it goes.  I just hope it doesn't turn out to be 'retained products again'. It's been over 8 weeks now since I found out I'd lost the baby and over  4 weeks since the surgery, it's crazy if it is still the old pregnancy.

    Fingers crossed that you finally get your positive x

  • Thanks :) and you...

    there is a lady on another thread who had only just got her period and was still testing pos last week after her erpc 6 weeks ago. 

    I was getting faint pos on a FRES a few days before my period arrived bang on the 28days but it's freaked me out having the super light periods which always made me question whether was implantation bleeding or not as were so light.... am confident this month am back to normal given it's the first time have seen proper ewcm. Since my MC I get really sick with ovulation :( it's like I am super sensitive now... sucks really.... ill at OV and theN feel crap on period..... basiacslly only 1.5 weeks a month where I feel normal and that time I am panicking about doing it at the right time!!!! 🙊

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