TTC for 4 months

Hi everyone im new to this but I need to speak to people that actually know what I'm talking about and what I'm going through. 

Im 20 in 2 weeks and was on the combined pill for about 4 years and weaned myself off them at the end of june. My cycle went straight back to normal and im having good 28 day cycles.  

On the 6th August I lost a baby at 8 weeks and straight away after my cycle returned back to normal! 

Obviously we are still trying that this has has made us want to try even more. Im due around 16th of the month and I need some help as to when is best to try and any tips as to why you all think I may not be falling pregnant! 

Both me and my partner would be greatful of any advice 

thank you 



  • You need to find out when you ovulate and make sure that you are having sex in the week leading up to ovulation and on the day. Once ovulation Has happened the egg only lives 12-24 hours so it needs to be fertilised in that time frame. That's why it's best to have sex every 2 days in the lead up to ovulation. If your cycle is 28 days at a guess your fertile window will be approx cd9-cd15 but you won't know for sure unless you maybe temp or use OpKs. If you don't want to do that then just have sex every 2 days throughout your cycle. Good luck x

  • Being pregnant is a natural process that should or will occur in the time flow. some people do face problems in conceiving which might by due to various reasons like hereditary issues or health issues and so on. there are numerous ways of overcoming these issues nowadays. Although it is a time consuming process if the couples have issues in conceiving, but being pregnant can be timed or speed ed up by following certain timely methods. Recently I came to read something related to this and I do believe those guys have explored most timely ways to conceive faster and make sure that happens. This seems to help in some way.

  • Not pregnant that I know of but I started doing ovulation tests this month from a couple of days from my period twice a day at 3pm and 8pm until I got my postive ovulation test. I bought some cheap poundland ones and some ones off ebay so when I got my postive I did another with the other brand to make sure and both had the same result. 

    It should help to track ovulation as you could just keep missing your fertile days x

  • Hi hun sorry for your loss I'm not an expert or anythink just don't like 2 read and run 4 months may feel like a long time but seen as u have fell pregnant I can't see any reason u won't fall again soon took me 5 months first time and 9 this time good luck x

  • I've been trying for 2 years 8 months so 4 months is not long in comparison, the fact you conceived is a good sign just something wasn't quite right. I know many women who have gone on to have healthy children after a mc so try and relax as stress can be a major factor. You're only 20 so you have plenty of time x

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