Pregnancy Test negative and THEN TURNS positive?!

I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and it came back negative, so I just threw it away. As I was emptying the trash today, I looked at it again, and it was POSITIVE! I immediately took two more pregnancy tests, and they were both negative. Why did it change? Could I be pregnant?

I compared the first test I took (that turned positive) to another one of the same exact brand from the same box that I had taken a week prior, and that was still negative with no second line AT ALL. What does this mean!?


  • imageHere is a picture of the two tests - the one I took a week ago and the one I took yesterday that turned positive.

  • Don't trust lines which appear after the time limit in the test instructions as they might be evaporation lines. Test again every few days and if you are pregnant you should get positive lines appearing within the time limit.

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