Early pregnancy symptoms

i am really hoping for some advice please :) it will be a long post so I do apologise!

This is our first month of ttc we have wanted to add to our family for the last 2 years but had to wait as I wanted to finish univeristy. I ovulated on the 20th November and by the 22nd I was getting cramps, felt very groggy and feeling slightly nauseous. you may think I am mad but this was the same with my little girl. These symptoms have carried on and I have even had milk leak from my boobs and my boobs are extremely sore. 8 days after ovulation I took a clear blue digital pregnancy test in the evening which came up pregnant. i then tested the next morning with the first wee of the day and it was negative. I have tested every day since and got negative. I have since had bleeding only when I wipe for the last 3 days on and off. should I give up this month and accept I got a false positive and I'm not pregnant? 

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