Pregnant first month after stopping BC?

Came off BC (yasmin) 15th November. Withdrawal bleed followed on 16th and lasted 4 days. Had sex every day since withdrawal bleed finished, cervix now high up, soft and open (sorry TMI), but yesterday (1st December) had small amount Of brown blood didn't fill panty liner, and today no blood just brown watery CM. 

Unsure if pregnant or body just getting back to normal since coming off pill. 

What do you think? anyone had similar to me then gotten a BFP


  • Sounds like it could ovulation bleeding if your cervix is SHOW. If you were PG it would be closed. 

    Plus its only 2 weeks since you came off BC.,,, there isn't enough time for your body to have ovulated, fertilise an egg and implant itself. 

    Sounds like you are having sex at the right times, so keep going and Wait the long 2 weeks to see if PG. If you are ovulating now and have sperm in there already thays good. 

    Good luck 

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