need advice

I have taken a pregnancy test and it came back with 2 lines but one is very faint, my dad could barley see it.... But I took a cheap test from the dollar store and it says negative.. I have taken at least 6 test and the 5th one showed the faint line and it is a first response testt that reads 6 days before a missed cycle... I have asked some people and they said I am but I need better advice before I take this to the next step  


  • All you can do is wait a couple of days and take another test... the FRES are notorious for showing an indent line am afraid... when is your period due? 

  • My period is normally around the 24th close to the end of the month and i didn't have one in November at all 

  • Do you track your ovulation at all? If your ovulation is late then your period will be delayed. The time between ovulation and period never changes. Maybe wait 2 days and test again, if not perhaps get a blood test. Some ladies dont test positive on a urine test. 

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