When should I test and am I pregnant

me and my partner had unprotected sex around the date of 17th Nov. And straight away I felt strange as though as Im pregnant. it is now the 2nd December (14 days from sex) and I have been getting cramps, headaches and feeling very tired. I have tested four or five time during the two weeks since sex and every single one has been negative. Am I testing too early ? And how long should I wait? 

I came off my period on 31st October (Halloween) and have not bled since. My periods are very irregular with me sometimes being on my period for 2-3 weeks of the month. It is very unlike me to not bleed for this long. 

am I pregnant or not and when should I test ? As there is no sign of a period. 


  • You can test from the day your period is due or late. Use a sensitive brand like first response.

  • That's the thing, I'm not sure when my period is due. My periods have never been the same each month. I bleed a lot, majority of the time I am on my period. It's not often that I am off.  I just no that the last day of my period was 31st October. 

    I will do another test on Saturday morning with a sensitive test and if that is negative I will wait a week and redo it. 

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