2ww symptoms, come on ladies share with us

Ok so this is my first month ttc since my miscarriage in june... really hoping for BFP

3dpo: crampy feeling on left side 

5dpo: had a really random stabbing pain below belly button, that came about 4 times in an hour and lasted 5 mins each time. 

7dpo: random achy pain in my left breast.. lasted 10 seconds or so then nothing 

8dpo: achy feeling in my right breast this time.. lasted almost 5 minute, twinges to the left of my belly button and heavy feeling in my stomach

9dpo: real bad twinge on left side of abdomen again by this last 10-15 minutes and didn't return 

11dpo: breasts only just started feeling sore? usually get sore 1-2 weeks before expected AF 

12dpo (today): still getting little twinges on my left side of abdomen 😑😑 AF 2 days away but she is usually 4 days early??? 

NOTE: haven't had much cm at all this month... any of you ladies had these sort of symptoms before BFP's? 


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