Ovulation kits and ttc

Hi all

Me and my husband are trying to conceive our first baby together. I have two children from when I was younger with previous partner.

Me and my hubby have just took my implant out back in very beginning Nov. Immediately I felt pregnant although now after neg tests I realise it was my hormones readjusting...

My question is when will my period come back after my implant?? I've bought an ovulation kit and did it this morn and after few mins a very faint second line came up. So will I ovulate in next few days? I'll keep Testing each morning I obviously don't have a clue where I am in my cycle. 

I defientely don't want to start using my husband when ovulating either I want us to enjoy ttc. 

My hubby is older then me so we know his sperm isn't at it's peak. 

Any information is helpful thanks in advance.

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