could blood tests for ovulation be wrong. please help. xx

hi, this may be confusing and very long so i'll try an make it as short as possible. here goes, i had blood tests on day 5 and day 21 to detect ovulation. my gp phoned me yesterday to let me know i didnt ovulate. my question is if i started to get ewcm on cycle day 8/9 until 11/12 would this mean cycle day 21 was too late to detect ovulation? this might seem like a really easy question to some of you but i have had a lot on my mind and been reading lots of different stories online. any help would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance. please no negative comments xx


  • The best time to have the "day 21" progesterone blood test is 7 days before your next period starts. If you had a 28 day cycle that month (give or take maybe a day or two), then it should be accurate. However, not every woman ovulates every month anyway, so even if the timing of the test was correct, it does not necessarily mean that you do not ovulate generally. 

    Perhaps speak to your gp about having the test repeated?


  • thank you very much for your reply. i had a miscarriage in march of this year and for 3 cycles following mt cycles were 23/24 days i then started seven seas trying for a baby and since taking them my cycles are now 27 days. its just with me losing ewcm from cd 8/9 i thought i ovulated but then my gp rang yesterday to say the blood results show i was not ovulating it has confused me. my gp is sending me for another lot of blood tests on cd 21 of my next cycle which is due on 7th december. after 9 long agonising years of trying and then to miscarry and everything else along the way it is sooo very disappointing, confusing and heart breaking. i feel like i am going insane overthinking things and thinking i may never become a mummy :( thank you again for your reply xx

  • I have my bloods done on day 3 & day 21 of my cycle to check ovulation I have a 26-28 day cycle and I nearly always ovulate days 10-12 my results came back accurate.

    Did they give you the number result of your progesterone?

    Ive had as low as 24 and thought I didn't ovulate as that's a very borderline result they like to see over 30. However my gynea doctor insisted that it would be even lower than that for an anovulatery cycle.

    My gynaecologist has put me on Tamoxifen 20mg cycle day 2-5 and my day 21 bloods then came back at 69 so defibarely helped with ovulation:)

    Do you use OPKs these will help you know if you are having a surge and if you temp it will rise about 2 days after ovulation and stay up until AF arrives then drop again. If your temp doesn't rise that will indicate that you haven't ovulated so worth a try:)

    Use a bbt thermometer though not a normal one!

  • thank you again for replying. well after 4 or 5 months of my cylce being 27 days af has decided to show up early. i didnt really want to start doing opk tests and bbt temps as i dont want to stress myself out any more than i already am. my gp didnt tell me the numbers but i am going to ring them on monday and see if i can get an appointment to talk everything through. i will see how i feel once i have spoken to my gp about opk and temps. with a bit of luck i will feel a little bit better about things. i will mention tamoxifen to my gp and see what she says. i was put in chlomid about 2 years ago but it wasnt the right to for me to take them as i was still going through lots of tests etc, i can't have any more as i was given 12 cycles an my gyneo said there were risks if i was to have any more. that is the long story short i wont bore you or confuse you with all the details haha. good luck with everything lv and thanks again xx

  • Good idea to talk things through with GP

    I just temp from roughly 2 days b4 I ovulate ( as my opks darken ) then do my temps for 5-6 days after my first positive just to watch for the temp shift ( to know I ovulated for sure)then I stop as you say it's stressful and I agree! I ovulate same time each month so again I only do opks for about 4 days otherwise it's all you think about :/

    Tamoxifen was great I've had no side effects except a headache for 3 days first cycle. I've done 3 cycles just waiting to test! Then  a months break & back to gynea after xmas :)

    My last miscarriage was at 12 weeks and needed a D&C as placenta continued to grow. It's since that procedure that I seem to now find ovulating more problematic!! Very frustrating but I think our bodies will sort themselves out eventually xxx

    Wishing you lots of luck on your ttc journey 🍀🍀🍀

  • thank you so much for taking the time to reply and give me some advice i really do appreciated it. so very sorry for your loss. sending lots of hugs xx 

    fingers crossed this is your month. 

    hopefully we will both have our bfps very soon. 

    sending lots of luck and lots of baby dust your way. xxx

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