Af 2 days late- Bfn (Frer)

Hi ladies,

What a nightmare month! Building up to now i've really thought this was our month, although now i'm highly doubtful. I'm just posting this in the hope someone else has experienced this and gone on to get their bfp.

So, dtd regularly all month so definitely did it over ovulation period (i don't chart just judge by cm). so at suspected 6dpo (cd21) i had af pains all morning and there's a little bit inside me which thinks this could have been implantation cramping. So, from cd 26 ive been testing negative on frer.

My cycle is normally 27 days, only once in a year has af come late (cd28). Iv'e had no symptoms except for all last week i was terribly bloated after meals (never have this before). Had af pains this morning which made me think i was out this month because af normally comes around an hour after, but here i am.

Cd29: no af, 2 days late and negative frers.

Has anyone had anything similar and gone on to get that BFP?


  • I'm in a similar situation. Pretty regular every month within a day or two and now I'm 5 days late. done 3 tests all we negative.  but I've never tested in the morning and I read that that was the best time to test 

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