Strange period or implantation?

So... Normally I have a 29 day cycle but this time it was 33 days and my period was extremely weird.  My period was due on the 25th of November and I started with brown spotting on the 23rd of November this lasted 5 days! Thats my normal period length. Just a small amount of brown on a pad not loads.  Then at the end of day 5 it was a little heavier then I got red blood for 3 days it was a medium flow.  The brown started 7 days after my fertile window according to the app I am using. Any advice?  What's going on? I've had bleeding after sex too... Just spotting and now nothing could it be implantation bleeding,  breakthrough bleeding or just an odd period? 


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  • Have you done a pregnancy test? That would be the only way to know for sure x

  • No I haven't,  just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I may have to pick one up... Or wait another 3 weeks time my next period is due. But I know some people have periods throughout their pregnancy. My stomach above my bikini line feels hard/ full too not sure if I'm imagining that or if I've not noticed it before. 

  • Hi 

    I stopped taking the combined pill on the 4th October & I had pink spotting on the 6th-8th November which then stopped. Then, on Sunday (4th December) I woke up to red bleeding. It's carried on now for a few days & its heave enough for a pad to be worn & its bright red but there's no clots. 

    Was the bleeding at neginning of november a withdrawal & this one my period, or is it something else? I'm a little confused & worried. 

    Me & my partner are trying to conceive Hence me coming off the pill.


  • Sounds to me like it's your period.... if it's heavier it may be because your hormones are now back to normal and it's a proper bleed. X

  • I know this is an old post so don't know if anyone will reply but I have had a very strange period this month. I was due on on the 13th sept I came on on 12th sept I am usually very regular and very heavy and am usually a 28 day cycle but this month was 27 day cycle. Started of with really light pinkish blood and very minimal, hardly any blood, by the 13th it was brown no blood by the night of the 13th I started bleeding, again very minimal. By morning of 14th was brown again not a lot but brown (just a little patch of the pad), afternoon of the 14th was bleeding again but minimal not a lot at all very light, few hours later brown again. By 15th was just brown but only spots of brown when I first wiped after a wee it looked more (maybe cause it was wet) by second wipe it was a few dots of brown. Could this be implantation my periods are usually very normal and heavy. I took a test today (16th sept) bfn, my mum thinks I have taken it to early TIA for any replys  Xx

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