Pregnancy test help please

imageOK so this is what came up, looks like the control line and 2 faint lines. I wasn't sure it this was a puddle underneath the glass so I rubbed the glass with a cotton bud and now only the control line is left.

Any thoughts????

I'm 9 days post ovulation, been having cramps and back ache for 5 days and now I'm totally confused.


  • Hi I would also wonder about that test, never seen something like that, rather wait till day of AF and test again

  • Omg I'm going out of my mind, why do these things have to happen!

  • So I went and bought a poundland test and came up a very faint second line, my mum, my friend and the chemist could all see it but now I've got home and again I can't see it unless I shine a torch on it. 

    I know I should just wait a few days and test again but after these 2 tests not  being an obvious negative I can't get it out of my mind.

  • Its the worst not having a clear answer. Af is due in 4 days and i have had a few moments i almost caved in an tested but then i remember the heartbreak with a negative

  • I'm not normally like this but because I've had cramps abs back ache since 4dpo I decided to test today and it's the worst thing I could have done. I'm now laying in bed with cramps again sulking because I'm confused, had my hopes up and worrying if my period comes I'll be totally devastated.

    Don't test until at least the day of missed period because it's heartbreaking, I won't be doing it again that's for sure.

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