1 positive 1 negative

Hi my partner and I are trying to conceive.  I am only 2 days late on my period which is unusual for me. Did a standard clear blue test came up positive then a digital one that was negative.  I did however drink alot before the 2nd test to help me wee. what do you think?? image


  • Looks postive to me, the digital ones are not as sensitive so I've heard so wait a couple of days and try another test to be sure.

    Fingers crossed for your postive result.

  • I have done a further 3 tests today and all negative still no period.  I'm so confused 😏

  • Are you sure when you ovulated? The only thing that would delay a period would be a delayed ovulation. The point between ovulation and period stays the same, so if you ovulated later, your period would be later.

    that test pic at the top looks like an evap line, as it's skinny and off centre. If you ovulated later you might be testing too early x

  • I'd wait a few days and test again, get some cheapy tests or you'll spend a fortune, poundland do a pack of 3 that you dip.

    Wishing you your bfp x

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