Advice positive ?


i have recently taken few test befor period due very barely there faint on clear blue easy then period came early by a week ? Not normal for me pink spotting day before ! Been off period 2days and have just take another clear blue easy and I'm not sure if another faint barely there line partner can see it aswell image


  • The pics were within get. 10 mins to view xx

  • Took digital first thing said not pregnant but another one plus and faint line again.  

  • It sounds li implantation bleeding. It will take approx 4 days for the hcg levels to rise to show a stronger pos. Digitals aren't very sensitive and are best used after your period is Late. good luck  

  • It's was heavy bleeding though ? Just bit worried I have heard clear blue are not the most reliable ...but may just wait few more days 🙃

  • When I had my IB I thought it was my period early - didn't know IB existed - and I actually used tampons because it was heavy. Lasted 2 days. 

    The blue cross tests are not v reliable at all. Best to use a first response or a Superdrug early test x

  • Oh really maybe then .. I will grab one tomo I can't say I trust the clear blue much thanks for advice 🙃

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