OK can anyone see a faint line?

Yesterday I took a test and faint line, I could barely see it but my friend and my mum could see it.

This morning I've taken a cheapy test with first urine and it looks so an extremely faint line, I changed the effact as could see it better. 

Can you see it or are my eyes playing tricks on me?



  • Am really sorry but I can't see anything. 

  • I'm done another and it's the same, can see it under a light so maybe evaporated line.

  • If you do a negative effect on it, if there is a line it should glow 

  • I can't see anything on Negative pic, I've just thrown up which I expect is from the stress of obsessing so I'm going to wait now, can't take anymore I'm an emotional wreck x

  • It is incredibly stressful. This month I haven't done any testing, not even OpKs. Just temped but next month won't do that. I was just winding myself up. Finally feel like I am in tune with my body. AF is due tomorrow so am just waiting it out. Feel terrible today so I think she is going to hit me hard. Pleased though because it means that 5 months after my Mc, my body is back to normal. Try and wait till your period is due if you can. Good luck x

  • Thank you, I've had cramps from 4dpo and I've just had enough of not sleeping and feeling crap so I really shouldn't add to it. I am just going to wait it out now x

  • Sorry to jump in ladies but my really unsure I've been testing my ov from Saturday and all I'm getting is faint lines with my calculations my ovulation was supposed to be in between the 3rd and 8th, I'll keep testing till Friday but my lines not getting any darker is this normal ? image

  • Miley, how many dpo are you?

    Sorry but I don't have any experience with those type of ovulation sticks. I used the strips and they would stay the same for a bit and then all of a sudden get darker. Maybe try posting on an ovulation strip thread and see if anyone has better advise with those types of OV tests 

  • The line should be as dark or darker than the control line, you will just know when it happens as it's obvious.

  • Today if counting the day after my postive ovulation test I will be 10 days post ovulation, 11 days from postive ovulation test.

  • Ahhhhh Ok. Once you get a positive OPK it can be 12-36 hours before OV actually happens so you are testing far too early Hun x 

    the cramping you experienced could have actually been ovulation cramps... once implantation happens, 6-12 dpo, it takes approx  4 days for hcg to get high enough to register on a test. Also a positive OPK doesn't guarantee actual ovulation...., the only way to confirm it for sure, unless you have lots of symptoms is to temp.... I had cramps from cd9 but really felt ovulation on cd12...: I get quite sick with it since my MC. My temps confirmed it. That's why I know I am due on tomorrow because my luteal phase is 14 days x

  • I'm still cramping now and it was so bad last night I had to take paracetamol and use a heated wheat cushion on my stomach. If I'm not pregnant I'll be going to the doctors as 6 days of cramping on and off all day isn't normal so there must be something going on x

  • I have had cramping like that since i started TTC after my MC. I don't know if it's because I am looking out for things or if it's because my insides are more sensitive after having the surgery. 

    sometimes i think our bodies play tricks on us, but it could just be babba settling in. Just need to wait a bit longer until you test. You count from day after ovulation so I would try and wait till your period is due or a few more days. Good luck x 

  • Definitely not my imagination, I'm laying in bed with the electric blanket on trying to soothe the pain, I've taken 2 paracetamol and it isn't taking it away :(

    I need to see a doctor about something else as they asked me to come in so might mention it as getting a bit worried there's something going on with me.

  • Defs worth getting checked out... good luck

  • I've got an appointment at half 5 today, woke up to bad cramps again :(

  • :( that's not fun for you. After ovukation the egg had to travel down the tubes and it takes about 4 days.... that could cause cramping and then implantation can cause cramping. Hoping it's a good PG sign for you and nothing else x

  • My other half said today that he thinks I'm pregnant so told him to shut up and not get my hopes up 😂

    Just have to keep an open mind and remember there's always next month x

  • Hahahaha men! 

    Exactly.... that's how you have to look at it. I am still waiting for my witch to show up! My temperature is still high which is unusual.... usually crashes on day am due on. Knowing my luck ff got my OV day wrong.... although I am 99.9% sure it was when I thought it was.... don't want to waste a test as AF will probably show the minute I do it !!!

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