Monthly a week early yet postive opk on time

Hi all,

hope you can help as im new to all this. weve been Ttc for about 6mths. Last af was on the 30th oct and i got positive opk on the 16th and 17th november. cycle is around 32-34 days. 

Now the weird part is i got what i thought was IB on Saturday  26th november pinkish and around the amount of a teaspoon. Same again sunday Monday. However by tuesday and wednesday it was red and heavy.

Then Friday nothing. My app said i should have been due AF on Sunday 4th december i use 2 apps and both said the same. 

There has been nothing since last week. I poas this morning and BFN.

yet im cramping again and have back ache as though im about to start AF again.

im so confused? is it worth testing end of week or just revert back to opk's and start again? 😲🤔


  • How long is your luteal phase? The point between ovulation and period shouldnt change so if you luteal phase is 10 days normally then it's potentially your period on the 26th? That's the only thing I could think of to explain it.

    mine is 14 days and I ovulate on different days so when I OV I know to expect it 14 days later. My cycles have varied from 24-31 days depending on when I ovulate, but generally are 26 days.... later the OV, the later my period will be

  • Ahh thanks for replying :-)

    well this is something im trying to get the hang of also i have monitored my temp using a normal celsius thermo.

    is it advisable to get the basel ones?

    my temp seems to have risen slightly from 34.6 to 35.5 before OV then more or less stayed the same until weekend when it dropped back down to 34.6.

    Is it better to go by your temp? Xx

  • Needs to be a basal thermometer And taken first thing before you get out of bed or do anything and at the same time every day.

    Also your temp will go up after you have ovulated and then will go back down when on your period. I usually know when am getting my period as my temp will crash right down on the 1st day. 

  • The cramping and aching you have now could be ovulation.... have you done an OPK? 

  • Right, will order one of those now I did my temp every morning

    yes I did OPK today at the same time i did last time. It had the faint negative line.

    so will keep doing those again Until the dark line.

    i had a feeling it may well be that again. but i suppose on the positve if its here again the sooner the better 😄👍🏻 Xxx

  • It's so frustrating isn't it?! I have decided to stop everything next month. My period is due tomorrow and pretty sure i Can feel her on her way. onwards and upwards 

  • It really is. and i can feel myself getting obsessed :-( 

    i said the same try not to oay much attention but its easier said than done isnt it? Fingers crossed for us next month ey? 👍🏻 xxx 

  • Definitely. I have become obsessed. Last month I only temped, next month nothing. I have learned now what my body feels like when OVing so next month am just letting it all happen.... assuming the witch actually shows tomorrow but am pretty sure she will do!

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