Is this a positive? Half the screen is blue!?


Is this a positive result?  the right half of the test is all blue.

i have had issues with this brand in the past but it's the only one the store had by my work but now I am more confused 


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    Took it apart there are two lines.. it took me a week of being late for the digital to get a yes for my other pregnancy and I am only a day late today ..

    so does this mean anything?

  • Digital tests aren't very sensitive and they always have a second line becaus of the way that they work.

    the other one I would say is faulty, but it has given a kind of line, so I would get another sensitive test - preferably not a blue dye one as they are a bit unreliable. good luck x

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    My eyes seeing something or is there a second line? it is so faint. i just don't want to get my hopes up. i am two days late now and barely getting a line my last pregnancy a few months ago that I lost at 5weeks I got this line a week before my period was due and by the time my period was due I had two thick bold lines. 

  • It looks like a faint line.... are you sure you have your OV dates right? 

  • I don't know when I ovulate.  My first kid I oveated a week before my period ( had doctor tested) then my second child I ovulated a week after my period ( doctor tested) then my preganancy a few months ago ( i lost it) I ovulated the day the pragnany calculator said I would ( only time I had sex during that time) 

    all my other ones I felt pregnant. this time I do not. i took another test and a few others all came back with the tinest faint lines. 

  • I can definitely see a line, but it's incredibly faint.... if you are a day late I would have expected it to be darker.... perhaps you ovulated later than normal and it's very early... if you wait a couple of days and test again it should get darker.... good luck x

  • I took it last night at a day late. i only waited a hour maybe two hours after I peed than took the test and today I was reading you need to wait 4 hours after you pee to take a test.

    it was darker looking this morning. i notice the last time I was pregnant it showed a faint line within the 3min but took a few hours to get darker.image This  was this morning picture of the test last night. 

  • It definitely looks like a line :) hcg doubles every  48 hours, so should be darker in 2 days. Fingers crossed 

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