So I have been reading a lot about what an crap line is and that an Evap line will never have any color that if it has color than it is a positive. So the picture doesn't do it justice because for a good couple min the line was there it was faint but it was there and it was blue. I know that I would be super super early in to my pregnancy if I am but it seems like the blue kind of dispersed across the whole like line that changes color from the hcg and when from a thin concentrated line to like a light light liiiight blue tint across what would be the whole line. I need some opinions, am I losing it??image


  • The blue dye ones sadly do have colour - they are blue/grey. It's the pink dye ones where they don't have colour.

    the line in your pic looks quite thin and to the side so sadly I think it's an evap.... the cross ones are the worse for it. If testing early your best to go for a pink dye one x

  • It came up like that right away within less than a min

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