Young and month 11


First time posting. Im 23 year old and so is my partner. We have just entered month 11 and im struggling. I keep getting myself upset worrying something is wrong. The more stressed i get i know it doesnt help. But is it normal for it to take this long when still young. My periods are pretty regular too and get a strong positive opk every month. 

Just after some words of wisdom or some nice words.


  • I am in exactly the same boat, periods clockwise 28 days, strong opk results and I am also 23! Hubby is 30. I feel very stressed too, I've also taken pregnacare conception vitamins! And even tried conceive plus this month, af is due in 6 days!! Hoping for my bfp! dont lose hope! 

  • i started trying from just turning 22 and took me 18 months to get caught pregnant just try to relax and have fun the month we conceived we wasn't even trying that time because we gave up then we started to have more fun and we got caught pregnant. Trying for a baby is such hard work and can be draining it's certainly heartbreaking but try and relax   

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