Am I pregnant? So confused!


Hi so my period is due today but from Monday I had a feeling I was pregnant, i took a test Tuesday and got a really faint positive but wasn't sure if it was an evap line as it was out of the time frame.

yesterday at 3pm I decided to do a digital fully expecting it to say not pregnant but it came up pregnant 1-2, then today I've taken a first response just now and it's very faint again. I thought first response were supposed to be more sensitive then digitals?

should I wait until I get a stronger line to assume I'm pregnant? 

will try to add my pregnancy tests in order xxx


  • You've had 2 faint lines and a positive digital test and you're wondering if you're pregnant ? That's 3 positives so I'd say yes you're definitely pregnant congratulations. 

    Obviously you're only early on so lines will be faint, I'd say no need to retest, your HCG levels should double every 48 hours so if you really want to retest wait 2 days or result will probably be the same.

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