Very confused

Hello, I need your advice please. In November I had an unusually early cycle,it started on the 3rd and it was supposed to start on the 10th. I had a very bad flu around the time it came and the doctor said maybe that's what started forward to this month, I was expecting my period to go back to the normal 30 cycle which would have it starting on DEC 3rd but it hasn't come 2 date and I have taken 3 tests...2 early and one yesterday and they were all negative, so i believe if i was pregnant the test wudve shown it yesterday. Please correct me if i"m wrong.I really felt pregnant..I had sore breast,frequent urination, back ache, headache, naseau and a pain in an specific area in my tummy on the right. I felt the same way as when I had my daughter. I am not sure when I ovulated but I felt maybe it was around Nov 17 based on what was going on that day. Has this happened to anyone here and what was  the outcome? I have given up hope that I am pregnant as in the symptoms started fading on Monday,tummy a bit sore now and my breast aren't as sensitive and not as often. Any thoughts on what could be happening will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • Forgot to add that I don't usually get any symptoms when AF is due. I only know when AF is coming because I keep track. So to be having the sore breast etc isn't common for me outside of pregnancy.

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