Yea or no ??


this is 4th clear blue easy I did have heavy bleed for 3 days  a week  ago ? Lots symptoms was within time to read results xxx


  • I know a lot of people dont trust clear blue so a bit worried this ain't dark enough i have brightened the pic so the line is more visible x

  • There's definitely a plus, try a digital to confirm x

  • Is AF late? 

  • im not really sure it was early by a week not like normal light pink spotting that made me think I was having implantation then 3 heavy days ... took these a week after when I would of been due on last week having lots symptoms feeling sick tired bloated cramping and the rest took another this eve another very faint line I think the bleed last week is making me think not ?i may try get a digital tomo xx

  • Maybe buy a pack of 2 digitals as if the first one is negative you have another to test a week after. I read somewhere a woman was 12 days late before she got a definite positive and went on to have a healthy baby so I wouldn't rule it out.

  • Oh that's good I will shop tomo ☺️ Will update soon xx

  • Wish you all the best, might be worth checking with docs if the bleeding was heavy or any clots. Some women do bleed and think it's their period so it's not completely uncommon x

  • Yea managed to get a blood test so hopefully find out tomo or tuesday so at least will know for def thankyo 🙃 Xxx

  • Good luck hun x

  • Thankyou will update soon as I know 🙃

  • Exited to find out, hopefully good news x

  • Yea me to I think isn't planned but just hate not knowing it's all a bit weird at the mo hopefully results will be in by afternoon xxx

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