am I pregnant? When shall I do a test?

Can any of you help me or give me advice..?
So I came on my period on the 4th of November and it lasted for 4/5 dayswhich is my normal cycle..
I normally bleed once every month at the same time.
My fertile window was the 11th-16th of November and we had sex every day in that space of time.. (we have sex 5/6 times a week & have done for 5 years but only in the past 3 months it's been unprotected)
I then began to have a light bleed which only lasted 2 days and on the 3rd day when I woke up it was gone.. I bled on the 29/30th of November
I've had a cramp in my left side of my belly which lasted for 3 days..
What is this, was it a period came early?
04th December and I had no normal period?
I had a pain in my back and still get cramps in my belly..
06th of December was a negative 99p pregnancy test. Was this a faulty product or did I take it too early? What do you think!?


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