Confused? Faint lines

Hi i took some tests yesterday and one this morning, af due tomorrow just  bit worried as his mornings seems fainter? with my youngest son I got blazing positove day before due on so I'm over thinking it tho I know in my head each pregnancy is different just want reassurance really.image


  • As you can see the one step tests from yesterday have nothing, however I just took another and it's a faint line. not sure what to think maybe a late implanter?

  • That top FR definitely looks like a pink line to me! Test again in 48 hours and should be darker! Congratulations!

  • Looks positive to me! However I've been trying to conceive for 2 years now and have took a test this evening, it's come back with a faint pink like. But it's just one of those cheap tests from boots so I'm sooo nervous! cant wait to get to the shop tomorrow and buy another test! Fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up as its so faint! What's your opinions?? I've posted a picimage

  • Looks pink to me? retest defo x

  • Sorry I don't see my reply to previous poster I said I will definitely test again and see but no af this morning so fx! still not showing on one step tho so confusing.

  • Those one step tests areby brilliant.... one of the ladies on another thread was getting negs on those despite being 6 weeks PG :)

    good luck x

  • Hi I've never posted on anything like this but i have nobody else to talk to about this my husband is a bit naff at all this talk haha I had a mc in June and have been tracking ovulation by the ovia app etc took a test strip for the 1st time and did The deed at the right time etc so I'm due Thursday/Friday and j had a test this morning I know I shouldn't have but ah well and then this is what came up imageimage

  • I know it's early and I'm mad but I just wondered if anyone has had any good news this early I will wait now till af is due uts only half a line 😬

  • I say retest that looks a bit inconclusive to me but it's tricky cause sometimes they're more visible in person, I took another frer this morning still faint but def positive gonna wait and get a digital still no period so fx. good luck girls with testing again x

  • image

    advise please ladies, am I just seeing things lol x

  • That's positive!

  • In the flesh mine is very similar to yours but that was 10am and now it's gone all manky

  • I was due yesterday when I took the test so thought the line would be stronger?

  • Not unheard of that some don't get a positive till they are are a week late just keep testing to see any progression. use a frer. 😊

  • Just to update I had a chemical pregnancy confirmed today ive stopped bleeding now so on to next cycle, tests now negative after not progressing, good luck all xx

  • So sorry to hear that honey. Chin up xx

  • Aww thank you I'm ok no point dwelling it wasn't meant to be, onwards and upwards have a lovely Christmas all x

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