Faint Blue Line on clear blue! Help!


I am three days Late, and I have taken about ten tests!!! About half of them have had the faintest line, so faint you can barely see it! this one was actually a digital test, but when I took it and it said "not pregnant" curiosity got the best of me. So I ripped it open and sure enough, it looks like two lines to me!!! Any thoughts?

I have also been very sick for almost a week now, no vomiting just nauseous, and diarrhea really REALLY bad! I went to the doctor last week, they did a urine test and said it was negative. But I just have a feeling! Any input would be amazing! 


  • I'd get a first response early result test! Pink lines are so much better, and clearblue aren't actually that sensitive ! Good luuuuckkkk x

  • Mine similar! I've been ttc for 2 years naturally, Just started taking some medication to boost ovulation and I've took a test this evening which has shown a very faint pink line. I've posted a pic, what are your opinions? Normally when I've taken these tests before it's been completely blank where the faint line is. Can't wait to get another test from the shop tomorrow, so nervous but don't want to get my hopes up! imageimage

  • Yours looks positive to me!!! Congratulations! I am going to try to hold out a few days before I test again, I'm three days late now! but thats the fourth light positive I have got so far!

  • Same for me I'm due Friday hopefilly af won't come !!!imageimagebut there is only half a faint line !!

  • I'm four days late now, still not getting a solid result! 😭

  • I'm done now il just wait and see .. Half a line and a full faint yesterday then this morning nothing at all due Friday 😫 

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