Early test questions

af due Friday .. Me being me tested today just purely based on the facts my boobs are killing and I thought I'd just see .. Holding no hope after mc in June then half a faint line and one dark line like I wasn't paranoid enough anyway! Will Deffo wait till Friday and see just wondered if anyone's had this before ??


  • Keep testing if you if you see a faint line... either AF will show or the line will get darker!

    Dont know if this helps but I was due friday just gone (11th) - I tested Wednesday with a sainsburys blue dye test and got the faintest ever line. I was actually 99% sure I was just making it up, I took the test apart to see it more clearly and then thought it was probably an evap. I then did another on thursday, the same brand and was in the same situation. Only difference was when I took the test apart, there was a thick blue line so was 50/50 with it being an evap.

    Anyway, was convinced AF would come. Took a clearblue digi on friday as I got nothing in the morning and that came back negative :( Left it until Sunday as I still hadnt come on and finally got my Pregnant 1-2 weeks!!!

  • Congrats !!!! So good for youimagewill wait and see hope I have your luck ! Serves me right for being so impatient haha 

  • Got nothing this morning 👎🏼 wait continues ! Due friday

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