6 faint positives, negative digi

So dh and I were not trying for baby no.2 but had some inklings last week that I may be pregnant. 

Took 6 tests on Saturday, not fmu and all had faint positives. 

Struggling to believe it as we hadn't really been trying. 

So went today to buy digi test and superdrug tests and I think there is the faintest line on superdrug but clearblue digi us saying negative.

I am unsure on date of last period but I think it was at beginning of November. 

Other than that, slight nausea, sore breasts and heightened sense of smell. Also metallic taste in mouth. 

Any ideas? 



  • Have just taken a second superdrug test...

    Can others see the line? 


  • I can see all the others but the last I can't really see anything .. how long since you did The positive faint ones x

  • Saturday was the positive faint ones, but the one today you can definitely see, just not so well on the photograph. I'm hoping it's just that it wasn't strong enough for digital, will try and retake photo. xximage

  • Tested again this morning. Got my bfp!

    Guessing it was just too early to test. :)


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