Am i:?

Hey, I had a miscarriage on the 22-11-16 and I have a feeling that I'm pregnant again. No sore boobs, feeling sometimes, not eating a lot, feeling tired that badly that I think I'm gonna pass out. I still haven't had my first period. I'm pretty sure I ovulated around the 3rd. Anyone else experiencing this?


  • It sounds to me like it would be a bit soon to be PG and ovulate so quickly afterwards.... it will take time for your hcg levels to drop. If you have hcg in your system then you won't ovulate until this has gone as your body will still think it's PG. 

     miscarriage should be treated as cycle day 1... so if you did ovulate as early as 3 December you would only be 9dpo which would be a bit early. Did you make sure you had a negative hpt before trying again? 

  • I've read some women got pregnant 10 days after miscarriage. And no I didn't get a test to see if my hpt is gone to zero. Had intercourse with my partner around the 29th of November and the condom broke, no joke then had it again around the 6th of December unprotected. Sorry if tmi. To be safe I'm gonna take a test on 17th or 20th.

  • Just be wary if you are testing early and get a positive test that it's not leftover from the previous pregnancy. It would take a minimum of 10 days to ovulate again after a MC as day 1 of the MC would be classed as cycke day one, and the follicles etc. Would still need the same time to mature etc and release. 

    It can take some ladies several weeks before hcg levels go back to zero and others are lucky enough to fall straight away. Based on your dates, if you did ovulate minimum of 10 days after it's possible to have fallen straight away, but like I said be wary of A positive test just in case it's the old pregnancy. 

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