Can u see the line!?

I just took a pregnancy test and the line is really faint . i haven't started my period I'm two days late. I'm I pregnant or no!?!?can u see the line or is it just me lolimage


  • Yes hun can see a line mine was lighter than this but with boots day before af was due then used first response day af was due and got a strong positve try in the morning using fmu good look x

  • Can anyone help with these please...  imageimageimage

    all done today getting fainter as day goes by cake off mink pill 3 days after last period .. due on 8th/10th 

  • Will be getting lighter if you have been doing them all day as your urine will be diluted.... best to do with FMU, but looks like PG :) 

  • imagesimilar! I will wait till Friday when af is due but I had a faint line and didn't believe it and then this morning nothing so i think I'm out but we shall see 

  • Thank you excited but scared as had ectopic 4years ago and lines were faint then .. will keep you posted x

  • image



    Just tried the checker never heard of it.. 

  • Okay thanks!  I just took another one it loooks like the line is getting da to . But I always feel like it's in my head lol image

  • I can see a faint line :) congrats

  • image

    Took top test yesterday and bottom today fmu 

    does it look any darker ??

  • imageJust thought I'd try one of these seems I've seen a lot of people doing it in there posts on a different chat on here is that a positive?xx

  • KR1 would deffo say the bottom was darker deffo a line there!xx

  • Eeek thank you xx

  • I can't see the other line sorry what's it look like out of that app xx

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