Help !!!

So on the 1st of december I had my implant taken out me and my partner had sex the first day then I had a 4 day period we had sex on the 4thday then my period just stopped I've been getting all the common symtoms nauseous been sick once extremely tired lower back ache headaches ect its now the 13th december and I've taken 2 tests and there's negative :( have I taken them to early or ? Also I keep getting what I can explain as pulling and twitching in my upper belly no pain just weird but also pain in lower abdomen was thinking maybe I'm going to have a period ? Also been waking up at stupid times in the night due to very v vivid dreams is this a sign of pregnancy? Advise please !!!!! Xx


  • It takes at least 10 days to start ovulating, so it sounds like you are ovulating. 

    It then takes 4 days for the egg to travel to the womb and then it will implant between 6-12 days after it has been released. It then takes about 4 days for hcg to register and start your symptoms, so. (basically 2 weeks, hence the 2 week wait after ovulation) 

    based on your dates it's unlikely you are pregnant already. You need to wait until 2 weeks after ovulation before testing to avoid wasting money and the disappointment from testing too early. Good luck.

    you count day 1 of your bleed as day 1 of your cycle. 

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