im i pregnant

so I took a test nov 30th there was a very faint line stating it was positive. im suppose to start my period this Wednesday dec14th  but im not having and menstrual cramps. I have been feeling nausea sore breast and im extremely tried, where when I wake up from my sleep and I want to go back to sleep. I have been having lower back pain on my right side.  should I wait to get another test or should I go and do some blood work.


  • If you had a positive PG test on 30 November you wouldnt be due a period on 14 December.... you must be further along. It's usually 2 weeks from ov to period so if you were due on 14 December ovulation would be on or around 30 November. The earliest a PG test would have shown would be around 10th december at 10dpo. 

    You should do another PG test to confirm and then make a doctors appointment. Good luck 

  • image this is what I took on the 30th but its a very faint line 

  • It looks like an evap line as it's skinny and off centre, but take another one to be sure.... if it's a true positive then there should be a big fat positive by now 

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