Faint pregnancy test

image faint blue line and a few days late any ideas? Unsure of result.


  • Hey, i had this yesterday but with a strip test, so confusing! I just retested this morning and was bfn. apparently if it's colourless line it's evap line? But can't see from your pic very well if there's colour or not? have you done another test since? x

  • imageThere is a very thin blue line I'm a few days late aswel :s

  • Hi sherine, how are you? Still can't make out the pic but It looks like there's some Evap on the screen so hard to tell. But they say a line is a line! Have you had any luck with another test? Any sign of AF? 

  • I'm in the same boat. Although I'm left confused as the faint line had disappeared after about 10 mins :/ I can see a very faint line in both the pictures in this thread, I hope you get the outcome you're after! *fingers crossed* 

    Here's mine, its very faint and as I said it disappeared shortly after! Has anyone else ever experienced this? image

  • It's just a really thin line I took another test yesterday and it was negative but had three that had faint lines I've tried clear blue and they was faint or they line will disappear its confusing :/ 

  • Xnicnak looks like a faint positive to me!  HCG levels rise every 2-3 days so if I were you I'd test again in couple of days and hopefully get a stronger line! Or some ladies break open the test to have a better look as you might get a clearer view of the strip? 

    I did have an experience a false positive last month, not saying that's what it is but just to make you aware that it does happen. It was a faint line and because I was actively ttc I was doing opk every day until I figured out my cycle and got to grips with how they work! butal because there was a small chance I could of been pregnant i did a hcg test at same time which is when I got the false positive. I read that contamination of opks and hcg tests can do this and as re tested week and bit late and got several bfn there's no way it could of been😞

    So I put it down to that or poss a faulty test who knows. I hate bringing any sort of negativity towards whats all ready a rollercoaster emotions when youre ttc But it looks how mine did so that why I mentioned 😕 All my Fingers crossed it's your first BFP though 💕

    First response are supposed to be the most sensitive so if your planning on retesting personally I'd get one of those.  

    Sherine I would speak to your dr, get them to check it out for you? But if you've retested and it was negative I'd say that is probably evap line on the test? Sorry I can't be much more help fingers crossed for you too. Xx  

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