Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 6

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 5 thread. The fifth part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.

We'd like to wish you all lots of baby dust.



  • Wow part 6!!!! Thanks danielle 

  • Pleasure - let's hope this one brings loads of BFPs! 

  • Hi ladies.... Can I join?! I'm 3DPO. have been using opks, but not temping as only on 1st "proper" month of ttc so just taking it as it comes for now. Lots of luck and baby dust to you all ☘️💕😬 x

  • Wow number 6, hello Lau! welcome and good luck.

    Butterfly how you feeling? x

  • Guess we're quite the chatty bunch! 

    Hi Lau! I'm in the same boat. Started ttc in Sept only using opk's and got pregnant that month! Unfortunately it wasn't a viable pregnancy so I had a d&c in November, and now just waiting to fall again, but still only testing with opk's. I bought a basal thermometer, but haven't started tracking yet. Good luck to you!!

    Butterfly, feeling better today?

  • Thankyou 😊

    Hi curly I'm really sorry to hear that, Fingers crossed for you this month have you started using opk yet? xx

    Haven't really looked into temping too much, but may give it a go if it doesn't happen for us this month.

    this is my first time ttc, i have a lg who's now 4 but she came as a surprise so feel like a kid waiting for christmas... the anticipation is driving me crazy! I promised myself I wouldn't overthink it and just be really casual about it all, but nope...order of 20 stupid "ultra sensitive" pg tests & several searches of "the earliest bfp" later... damn you google!  x 

  • Hi ladies.... yeah all good.... happy my AF seems to be normal :) lighter than before the MC but a proper one at least :)

  • Haha, google definitely sucks us all in when ttc! So many relatable stories and information overload! I said the same thing about trying to be casual, but it's so hard to keep your cool when you only have one little window of possibility every month. The waiting game is no fun!

    I have only been using opk's as a tracking method so far. They did their job and let me know when I ov'ed in Sept and worked well since I got pregnant, and then I started using them again about 2 weeks ago, but that's it so far. If it doesn't happen soon I will probably start temping as well. We don't have any kids yet, and September was our first time ever ttc, so we will be first time parents when it finally happens! 

  • Hi ladies

    Does anybody know how long it will take for my bbt to go down or will it go down when bleeding stops image

  • Wow we talk a lot lol xx

    Hi again xxx

    I'm not going to jinx myself but I haven't had any of the "B" word at all down below for the last 2 days so fingers crossed I'm on the right path xx

    Hope you are all okay xxx

  • Fingers crossed kaza...

    I am the worlds worst and have peed on more sticks then my bank balance dares to know about lol...but be careful testing too early. It's heartbreaking when you get bfn! I've never tested positive until day af is due.


  • Yay Kaza...that's great! Hopefully it's finally done!

    I did an opk and an hcg test this morning, and both were negative. The hcg was very clearly negative, so I think I'm heading in the right direction...finally! 

    And butterfly...I've gotten through 2 parts of the great sperm race and it's kind of a downer!! I'm thinking there is no way I'm going to get pregnant after watching that because it seems so impossible!

  • Hi everyone,

    Exciting a new thread. I dont write very often but do read and keep up todate with evetyone. Im having a very strange month this month, i have been doing ov test only for 3 months but this month i havent had a positive test 🙈 i came on af 24th nov and havent had a positive one yet. It should of been ladt thursday. Im very confused. 

    Anyone had this?

    Baby dust to eveyone xxx

  • Sometimes it takes longer for the OpKs to go dark.... maybe just means you are OVing later than expected....

    @sour your bbt should go low once you start bleeding, stay low and then go up after OV.... if you still have hcg this might be why it's still high....

    the great sperm race is a bit depressing and it makes you realise just how small a window it is.... but also highlights the importance of "loading" prior to OV..... it's a wonder any of us get PG.

    my interview went well today.... hopefully I will bypass the second stage and go straight into work.... should find out tomorrow.... will certainly reduce the stress factor if I can! 

  • Thanks butterfly, glad your interview went well x

  • Hope you hear about the job tomorrow butterfly!!

  • Hi Lau, I'd advise not to test until missed period as pretty sure I had a chemical pregnancy this month as had a very faint bpf early on after u suspected I'd conceived as had period-like cramps for days on end. Unfortunately AF came a day late and I was pretty devastated, if I hadn't of tested I wouldn't have known so I definitely wouldn't advise anyone to test early.

    Hi all, fingers crossed this new thread will bring some bfp's x

  • I suspected*

  • Hi ladies ... Can I join? Just finished OV and TTC number 1. This is our first month of trying so very excited and nervous! This is going to be the longest 2 weeks! Fingers crossed for us all! X

  • Welcome Bea.... we are all crazy.... just be warned!!!!

    i am TTC no 1 too after a missed miscarriage in July this year. This is the first month I seem to have a normal period so hoping am gettin back to normal. ( wasn't trying before just not preventing) 

    The 2ww is a killer.... seems to drag forever! 

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