Anyone else TTC#1?

Hi everyone!

I am 26 and OH 28 and this will be our first month of actively trying! Last month I was admitted to hospital with severe stomach pains and irregular bleeding (I was on the pill so didn't consider pregnancy as an option at the time) and we sadly found out I was infact suffering from a very early miscarriage. It was the beginnings of an ectopic pregnancy. After this we decided we wanted to start our family so here we are! I stopped taking microgynon after the miscarriage and got my period 28 days later so it's a good start to know my cycle is back so quickly after years on the pill and the hormone changes my body has just been through.

I am currently on day 3 of AF and excited to start trying afterwards. Is anyone else here TTC #1 and want to share the journey?!



  • Hi Cate34

    So sorry to hear about gour exoerience. OH and I are also TTC #1. Came off the pill in Oct and after taking some time for my cycle to settle down this is our first proper month of trying. Currently in the middle of my FW so fingers crossed!

  • Hi bea84,

    So good to know someone else is just starting out too. I know this could be a long road but hopefully it's not too long for either of us! So sorry but what does FW mean? I've so far figured most other abbreviations out but not this one I'm afraid lol x

  • Oops I meant fertile window but no idea if FW would be the correct abbreviation! Fingers crossed that the road won't be too long x

  • It's as good a guess as any I suppose hehe. According to ovulation calendars etc I should ovulate on Christmas Day (lots of DTD over the festive period lol) so maybe by this time next month I'll have my BFP if I'm lucky! Fingers crossed for you also! 

  • Hiya!

    My first post 😀 My husband and I are planning on TTC after Christmas. I stopped taking the pill (after over 10 years on!) back in June after our honeymoon, and my cycle seems *pretty* regular, except for last month randomly...

    Apps tell me we should be properly trying at the start of Jan. Can't wait 😁 


  • Welcome MrsLa!

    You certainly sound well organised to start TTC! It was definitely on our list for the next couple of years but after finding out I had miscarried it kind of made us realise that we truly wanted this now. Although I am very excited I do find myself a little nervous every now and then and freak out that we are actually doing this lol. Is that just me!!😱

  • I definitely relate to feeling nervous - especially the first month or so after coming off the pill. Couldn't quite believe we were doing something so grown up - even though I'm 32 lol 😁 Starting to feel more excited though now! X

  • I deffo feel a bit nervous sometimes, but mostly excited. We've been waiting for soooooo long for the right time! 

  • Haha I am the same! My partner is desperate for children and would have had them years ago if I had been so keen. I feel now though is the right time we are settled in a 3 bed house so plenty space and both have secure jobs. It looks as though AF is on her way out today so hopefully we can start trying very soon!

    I am excited to see how it turns out for us all! GL x

  • Hey ladies...

    Hope you don't mind me joining, we are also trying for our first, the doctors thought I was pg back in Dec last year however it turned out that my body was rejecting the pill after 5 years, it was after then we decided that we wanted to start a family, I'm 28 oh is 26.

    My periods stayed consistent give or take  a few days, but I only started to ov 4 months ago. I've had one chemical pregnancy but other than that not much else! I've had to really crack down on symptom spotting as I was going crazy lol! 

    Last month was a very strange one! Af was 4 days late, I had a lot of symptoms including nipples getting darker, metallic taste fatigue etc, but then af arrived at 2am with horrendous pains so the cycle starts again 😊

    If I've learned anything over this past year it's to just relax! Try and just enjoy the whole experience and stay positive. Don't test until af is due! You'll save yourself a lot of money lol! I've lost count how many tests I've done! Don't waste your money on all those conception vitamins that cost a fortune! Get some folic acid and if you want a good fertility vitamin get something like Helonias root or red clover.

    Sending you all baby dust! And I hope we all get our BFP in time for Christmas ❤ xxx

  • imageHi Danielle, welcome!

    I didn't realise you could still have a period without ovulating! That must have been disappointing for you to get your AF last month as it sounded very promising.

    In my head I am telling myself all I will do is track when I should ovulate by using these online calendars and DTD each day leading up to ovulation day and maybe one day afterwards (for good measure lol) then sit out the TWW without testing until AF is late! I agree testing so often is not cheap and it just makes you lose heart when its a BFN. At the end of the day what will be will be and I reckon in a few months we should all have a bun in the oven :)


  • Hey Cate, 

    I say not ovulating, I wasn't getting peak readings on opk and no stretchy cm or any signs of ovulating but now I get peak readings along with cm and a few symptoms. Doctors said it was due to the pill so now all is good 😊

    We are dtd every other day, I did download a different app and it predicted ov 3 days earlier than my old app however not tested this month so we decided we will do it every other day.

    It's so true what will be will be... I had my tarot cards read and something showed on them and the lady said she sees a baby (thinks it could be a boy) joining the family soon so that gave me hope again 😊 


  • Hi everyone,

    This is my first post 😊 My Husband and I have been TTC for the passed few months for our first baby, i'm looking forward to following this forum and hearing everyone's stories. 

    If someone would kindly clarify what all the abbrieviations mean that would be great - I know TTC and that about it!


  • Hi ladies!! 

    I'm 33 and trying for my first as well! I had an IUD in for 5 years and got that taken out in July of this year. My body seemed to get back to normal pretty quickly and I officially started tracking in September and actually got pregnant right away! Unfortunately it wasn't a viable pregnancy so I ended up having a d&c on November 8 when I was 9 weeks. My body seems to be getting back to normal now, even though AF this month was nothing more than some cramps and a tiny bit of brown discharge. But according to my opk, I am ovulating in the next 24-48 hours (which is exactly 14 days after that meager AF) so I tackled OH this morning :)

    Saz- I was in the same boat and lost at first! If you do a quick google search it will tell you all of the abbreviations and what they stand for. It's nice to have other women to chat with who are in the same boat! Good luck to everyone!! :)

  • Hi.  

    My partner and I have been trying to concieve for a while and as I have irregular periods I find it hard to know when I am overlating ect. I have just baught pregnacare and was wondering if its any good or if anyone has any tips.  

  • I've also just bought the pregnacare pills, started them on Monday. My friend who is d on the 18th of this month recommended them, fingers crossed they do the job 😊

  • I hope they work I'm getting impatient lol. 

  • Danielle - what app do you use? And that is so spooky you have been told there will be a baby boy soon😱

    Welcome Saz, Curly & Cazza! I love how so many of us are just starting out on this huge journey. Hopefully we can all get our BFP's and share stories along the way😊 Xx

  • I know the feeling! I though we made the breakthrough about 10 days ago when I had what I thought was implantation bleeding........turns out it was AF visiting 4 days early :( 

  • ohhhhh :( I hardly ever have periods that's why i'm so worried that I might not be able to get pregnant with the pregnacare. I've read the reviews and they seem amazing so lets hope so!! :)

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