Faint line..?!

Hello there, I'm Nickie :) Very new to this!

I've just done a pregnancy test (too impatient to wait until morning) as I'm roughly 3 - 4 days late. I'm experiencing mild cramps like I usually do around TOM, no spotting at all, but I've been feeling rather off and pretty wobbly over the past week or so, which could be anything but I felt the urge to take a test. Anyway, I'm really not sure if I'm seeing things, but I think there's a VERY faint second line in the pictures I took. When I went to look at the test again I couldn't see it which confused me a little, but I can see something very faint in the pictures (as shown). I was just wondering if I could get some opinions? This would possibly be my first child (after suffering miscarriage at 8 weeks last year) so I'm a little scared / excited / everything else!

Thanks in advance, I hope you're all well x



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