Is this a bump or not?



basically, i wouldn't be that far along of my pregnancy... but I've had so many symptoms, implantation bleeding as far im aware, cravings, urinating more, i haven't been sick but I've had really bad heart burn and I've been sick but not enough to come out of my mouth, I'm not sure whether this is a bump or not? ive also had sore breasts but these symptoms come and go..


  • I would love for someone to drop me their opinion; it would be much appreciated x

  • ladies generally don't start to show until at least 3 months gone.thats why many ladies don't announce until 12 weeks as they can keep it under wraps until after the first scan... a pregnancy test is the only way to know. Either a home test or bloods from doctor. 

  • Okay thank you, I'm just not to sure as this looks like a start of a bump to me, either im carrying  huge baby or its fat lol x

  • When I was 7 weeks the baby was only 3mm long. You won't start to show until at least 3 months Pregnant. At 3 weeks PG it was 1mm long, so unless you are 3 months gone it's not a baby bump.

  • If it's your first pregnancy you probs won't show till 16 weeks then all of a sudden you will wake up and bang you'll be huge I'm a first time mum and didn't have a bump for ages then all of a sudden it popped up and I still have 18 weeks to go image

  • I didn't really start to show until i was atleast 16 weeks gone, some women can go a very long time into pregnancy and not show. I'm sure you have a happy healthy one coming along :D

  • Your uterus is behind your pelvis until at least 12 weeks, when it starts moving up, which is why ladies dont start to show until AT LEAST 12 weeks. Even then, that is very rare as baby is still so small at that point! I'd say its not bump - like Emma, Im now 22 weeks pregnant with my first, and didnt even have a hint of a bump until 16 weeks (and even then you couldnt see it under my clothes!). Have you done a test - are you pregnant? x

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