Help...going out of my mind

Ive got polycystic ovaries, 2nd month of ttc. 

31 day cycle have been regular for the last 5 months definitely. 

i was due on Monday (12th) now the 16th still not on, have had some cramping, feeling sick occasionally. I did a lloyds pharmacy early response test, looked at it after about 2 mins and didn't see anything. Put it away but looked again about 1/2 hour later, definite pink line, although says disregard after 5 minutes. 

Went to doc today as feeling generally rubbish, he did test, negative. I did a cb digi but that was not pregnant. 

So confused and don't know what to do 😩image


  • You do have to disregard it I'm afraid as it was later than the time frame ... but I've heard doctors tests aren't that sensitive and have taken a while to go positive?! I don't want to get your hopes up... but maybe test again in a few days! Good luck!!! 

  • Thanks, I'll maybe test again Monday. As ill be a week since af due. 

  • Hi hun try first response doctors ain't as sensitive and if it was a clear blue digital I have heard they are not as sensitive good luck and baby dust 2 u xx

  • imageJust did the first response rapid test came up pretty much straight away 😬

  • Can definitely see a line was this with fmu x

  • Got a pregnant 1-2 weeks with cbdig this morning but shortlived, in bleeding and Have just passed a large clot. So I'm thinking its miscarriage. 

  • Fingers crossed for u hun keep positve  somtimes bleeding early on is ok it's very common xx

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