Husband is convinced I am pregnant, not sure though...

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first baby since August this year, not so long yet, but every month becomes a roller coaster for the waiting. Currently my Husband is convinced that I am pregnant because I have been having the worst mood swings and out of control emotions ever. I am usually a very calm and controlled person. My period was due today, although I'm not always 100% regular, I did a test this morning but still shows negative. Don't have ma symptoms but the few I do have are somewhat strange:

moods & out of control emotions (crying a lot over nothing!)

some cravings (very specific) and a disinterest in other foods I normally enjoy. 

slightly sensitive smell. 

fatigue (though it c just be the end of the year)

What I expected but don't have yet are sore boobs, nausea (I have some but not much), backache, etc.

Could I still be pregnant? And how long should I wait for another test?

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