hi guys, I've been married since September and have been trying to conceive since then.. having no luck so found out about pregnacare conception and trying that, currently on first pack? anyone had any success?! I really want a BFP this month..


  • I got married in July and we have been trying since August (the way dates fell) but with no luck yet. I have been taking the pregnacare but no success yet. I am currently 6dpo and tested this morning which I know was to early but I couldn't wait. Of course, it was negative. Wishing you luck.

  • I always take these vitamins and hubby takes the male version:) I have 3 healthy children but they don't help you fall pg but give a better chance of healthier eggs and sperm. I've fallen pg within 3-6m with them all:)

    good luck x

  • Thank u for your replies. My periods are very regular 28 day cycle, I don't know why it takes so long:(

  • 3 months isn't long it generally takes a year for most couples the % per cycle is only about 25-30% chance of conceiving!! It's so low I'm amazed we get preggers!! You'll get there a lively New Years pressie hopefully 😀

  • I finished my first pack of the packet, done a test but it was negative. Stil got another 10days till AF.. can anyone recommend anything I should change or do different the next month so I cn get my BFP

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