Extremely FAINT line on pregnancy test

imageimageLadies am I going nuts and just imagining this? I took one before this one pictured and it was negative so I threw it out. This one I took and kept.. seemed negative, but hours later looked at it again and saw a faint line. Next day took a digital test and it said "not pregnant" I had light bleeding on the day I was supposed to get my period for about 3 days. I barely have any symptoms except for heavy breasts is all I feel and extreme hunger at times. But no cravings nasuea or anything like that.  I am thinking of doing another digital test in a few days, but I cant stop looking at this test.. someone please help ease my mind :-/ 


  • Hi, did you find out if you were pregnant or not? My result looks exactly the same hours later but BFN in the time frame! AF is 2 weeks late so thought my result would be clearer if I was positive! So confused!!

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