Implantation Bleeding?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy and look like a period? This started 2 days before my period due and sometimes its heavy and other times light, i m so confused! My boobs have been tender for a couple of weeks and now i m bleeding my lower back is a little uncomfortable x


  • It sounds like your period but take a test if you're unsure 

    when I had implantation bleeding it was hardly anything and it was brown 

  • I am pretty sure its my period too but now just slightly concerned as my period was 2 days early, it came at 4 o clock on saturday and out the blue and hardly anything this morning, should i be concerned, is this normal? 

  • Your period is based on when you ovulated. I ovulate on different days each cycle. The pint between ovulation and period is the same each month. Are you tracking? I have ovulated as early as cd10 but as late as cd17.... I always know to add on 14 days from my OV day. 

  • Im having a similar situation. My man and I had sex about 10 days ago, I've been bleeding heavily but light in color (pink) for two days now. I dont think this is my period as its two weeks early...should I take a pregnancy test?

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