How do you cope?

We've been trying ttc for 12 months now and I find it all so emotional! My brother and sister in law fell pregnant straight away and are due in a couple of weeks. Whilst I'm so happy for them, I can't cope with the moaning about decorating the nursery, wishing they didn't have to wait another couple of weeks and fat fingers. I feel so guilty for getting annoyed as they don't know we're ttc but I feel like they don't know how lucky they are! 



  • Just to add... I have several close friends who are pregnant at the moment so it feels a bit 'all around me' which can be emotionally exhausting. Would just be good to chat with anyone who is struggling with this to relate 

  • Hi I'm just approaching the year mark too and just confused and slightly worried to why it's not happening as we are both young. Went to the doctors and got a blood test arranged for a weeks time for a week before my next af due to see if anything wrong with me. 

  • It is a good idea to have the blood test! Mine all came back perfectly normal which in some ways made me relieved but in other ways I wonder why it's still not happening.. So frustrating! 

  • I know slightly nervous for it but my periods are pretty regualr so fingers crossed. We have even started using that preseed.

  • That's a good sign :) mine have only settled down the last couple of cycles! We've not used that yet... Think if we're not pregnant by end of Jan we'll look into it. But docs said to go back in Jan if not pregnant for sperm analysis and pcos scan. Good luck for your blood test :) 

  • Yeah its not the cheapest of stuff but has really good reviews online! Oh well at least not making you wait long for more tests. After speaking to doctor just seems like luck.

  • I know right! Such slim odds even with no issues... Might have to buy some of that x

  • Its so fustrating especially when all over fb everyone seems to be posting scan pics! 

    Yeah im hoping it's worked for us this month's 

  • Definitely! Are you in the two week wait now? 

  • Hi girls how are you ? I had same feeling as you "what 's wrong with me ?"I was trying to get pregnant of my second child at least 6 months and nothing so I bought the PRegaNAcare trying t conceive last month for me and my partner I also changed my diet ,drink a lot of water and relax myself.I found out today that I am pregnant.This really worked with me it can work with you try it .I wish the best luck😉😃

  • Congratulations! 

    I am taking conception vitamins and think I ovulated yesterday /today so fingers crossed! 

  • Hi. I know so well how you feel, I just feels impossible sometimes. It's even worse when people tell you "it will happen" or "you'll be wonderful parents". All I want to say to say to them is WHEN? 

  • Oh that is exactly it!!!! Where are you in the whole process? X

  • I had a miscarriage at 4 weeks. It only happend on the weekend so it's a bit raw at the moment. I've had a lot of "well it can happen, it's shows you are able to get pregnant" or "it will happen and it be right... Blah blah" 

    Like I said just tell me when and I'll be content to wait, but right now it's worse than waiting for Christmas. 

  • I'm so sorry! Can't imagine what you're going through! 

    With you on the waiting thing. If we just knew when! 

  • Yeah on 8dpo now had a the blood test this morning and seeing the doctor on friday.where are you at? 

  • That's good progress :) let us know what the doctor says.

    I'm 7dpo so just waiting... 

  • imageimageSorry for jumping in on someone else's post but I've been ttc for 2 years and sufferd an early miscarriage 3 months ago but would you say this is positive? I've had 2 negative on strip ones, I took this one a few days ago and the line showed up strait away? Need some help as don't believe I am??x

  • So sorry for your loss! I'm afraid I have no experience with positive tests so I really don't know. Plenty of people have though so maybe start your own thread? Best of luck! X

  • It's okay its not as hard as it was at first! Thanks, and I have started my own thread ive just had people seeing it but not commenting, so thanks for actually replying, I'm new to this site so wasn't sure how to work it for a while haha!!x

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