Am I pregnant and who made me pregnant???

Anyone can help me ?? Plz give some advice! I started my period on Nov.12. Nov. 19 is my LMP. Nov.20,27 I had sex with my bf and we used widrawal method but after  we broke up on Dec.6. Dec.9 I had a brownish and pinkish discharged so I took PT it was negative and I had feelings of a little bit  pain on my stomach  that time.Dec.15, I thought I'm having my period Coz I had pinkish discharge, a  little bit pain on my stomach again but after it was gone so I took PT again it was negative Coz I'm delayed . Is it a sign that I'm ovulating??? December 18 I had sex with other guy and I think he ejaculated inside Coz I've felt there's so much discharge comes out and  when Im urinating I saw a sperm in my urine. Dec.19 I've taken PT and it was negative.Dec.20 there's so much watery discharge comes out from me. What is it? Am I ovulating or I ovulated when I had pinkish and brownish discharged? Am I possibly pregnant even my PT was negative? If ever Ive got pregnant,who made me pregnant? The first or the second? Sorry about's unexpected happened to me..and plz don't judge me..thank you..plz help me..and plz send message on my Facebook [email protected] or comment on this post...


  • OK.  If you were pregnant from your BF then your pregnancy would have started on 12th November meaning that you would be 5wks + 3 days into term  (you should get a positive test result in most cases, even if only faint).

    December is too soon to know as it's still mid cycle. X

  • Thank U so much.  .

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